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Who are we looking for?

We are currently looking for an active person with initiative and experience to help us with Java programming tasks and microservice architectures, and who is able to analyse complex problems and propose effective solutions that convince the user both in terms of usability and efficiency.

Will be in charge of the backend development of decide4AI applications (developments can be installed on the on-premises platform or in the cloud), identifying areas of potential improvement, helping other developers, etc., and generating concise and useful documentation.

Will have communication with clients on technical interlocution, testing and related tasks.


What is our ideal candidate like?

  • Is a person who has at least 4 years experience in software projects (mainly JEE and services) with demonstrable development tasks.
  • Has at least 2 years’ experience in architecture projects.
  • Is a person with good communication skills (clarity in the presentation and understanding of the problems that are transferred to him/her) and who integrates easily into work teams.
  • Is an organised, meticulous and proactive person, with an active disposition to problem solving.
  • Has a lot of experience in development with Java programming language (Java 7, Java 8, Java 9 desirable), and with Java Enterprise Edition technologies (Java/J2EE knowledge, SpringBoot, RESTemplate).
  • Knows some Java data access technology (JPA, SQL, JDBC), on relational databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, others).
  • Has a medium level in MVN and continuous integration circuits (Jenkins, Bamboo, Continuum) SVN, Git, Bitbucket.
  • It is desirable that: knows or has worked with GoF patterns (Facade, singleton, factory, proxy, flyweight, adapter, State, Strategy, …) and other possible data access technologies (Hibernate, iBatis, Spring Data); is familiar with tools for task and resource management (Atlassian Suite), and with Windows Server 2008+, UNIX&LINUX systems (Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHat).
  • Is fluent in Spanish and English, and is interested in working in a company with international projection.

Why will you stay with us?

  • We believe in development, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally in all areas of the optimization world, with a position with high projection in the company’s strategy.

  • We have a highly innovative environment. We are a team with the best mix of optimization profiles, business, software development geeks and data scientists.

  • You will find the perfect environment in which your technological interests can be realized.

  • We offer work flexibility.

  • In addition to your salary, decide4AI offers you medical and dental insurance.

  • We believe in diversity and inclusion. We stand for equal opportunity without discrimination based on gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation or any other aspect that could be considered exclusionary.

Are you what we're looking for?

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