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Decide4AI implements, maintains and supports four different planning, optimisation and decision management options to plan and optimise your aviation operations. Let us advise you what option best fits your operations.

Delmia Quintiq

Delmia Quintiq is a market leading technology for full scale aviation planning & optimisation. Many of the leading ...
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More Optimal

More Optimal is one of the most advanced planning and optimisation software solutions for smaller and mid sized companie...
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We at Decide4AI are mathematical optimisation experts. If you would like to add an optimiser to an existing system such ...
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The Decide4AI BRMS team is one of leading European teams in the field of Decision Management.Fully equipped to analyse, ...
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Our Solutions

Fleet and Network Planning

Which destinations to fly to, what aircrafts to assign to the flight schedule and how to optimise the use of the fleet b...
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Crew Scheduling

Integrate all crew planning in one powerful platform, crew rostering, crew pairing and crew dispatching. Taking into acc...
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Pilot Planning

Pilot rostering, scheduling, pairing and dispatching taking into account seniority, skills, qualifications and availabil...
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Ground Staff & Operations

Use powerful optimisation to assign gates, check-in desks and personnel. Instantly calculate all consequences of any cha...
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Decision Automation

Apply Rule Based technology to automate and enhance your loyalty program and to improve the customer experience. Create ...
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