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Decide4AI implements, maintains and supports three different planning and optimisation options to plan and optimise your manufacturing operations. Let us advise you what option best fits your operations.

Delmia Quintiq

Delmia Quintiq is a market leading technology for full scale Supply Chain and Production planning & optimisation. M...
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More Optimal

More Optimal is one of the most advanced planning and optimisation software solutions for smaller and mid sized companie...
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We at Decide4AI are mathematical optimisation experts. If you would like to add an optimiser to an existing system such ...
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Our Solutions


Market volatility and changes in buying patterns make the use of sophisticated demand forecasting methods a necessity in...
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Sales & Operations Planning

Synchronise the flow between production, sales and logistics. Create scenario’s based on demand forecast, production c...
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Master Production Scheduling

The Master Production Scheduler balances production capacity and order intake. By linking bottle-neck resources and prom...
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Create optimised, demand-driven schedules, taking all constraints and parameters into account. Deliver orders on time in...
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Real Time Re-Scheduling

Last minute orders, process disruptions, out-of-stock raw materials or other unexpected events require immediate re-sche...
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