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Any single day thousands of customers of leading insurance companies use the services implemented by Decide4AI to get quotes, claim damages, buy polices, get advice or generate documentation. Decide4AI implements, maintains and supports decision and workflow solutions of the leading software suppliers to support insurance companies with the transformation to an agile and customer focused organisation.

For over 15 years a core capability of Decide4AI is the implementation of rule based decision systems. Separating decision logic from application code makes insurance companies agile and efficient and decreases time-to-market. Actuaries, business users, underwriters and claim managers will be able to change business rules without IT or programming knowledge.

Company areas to improve


One of the company areas which can improve thanks to better decision-making is underwriting. Make a risk assessment of e...
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Adapt the price of the products to each client depending on their profile and historical behavior. Offer them coverage a...
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Have a 360 knowledge of each client. Create dynamic questionnaires and customize them for each client. Automatically off...
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Use a flexible tool that makes it easier to manage and close claims. Reduce the complexity of the business rules applica...
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Fraud Detection

Define an anti-fraud strategy at all levels of the organization. Implement and optimize authentication, control, investi...
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Decide4AI Capabilities


We develop a business rules management platform (BRMS) in an agile and flexible environment, with easy integration. We apply Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization to automate decision-making processes and maximize business value at all times.


The automation of decisions by implementing Busines Rules based decision systems.

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Defining and automating business workflows using BRMS and smart decisions.


IT architecture

Transformation of the IT architecture to a micro services cloud based architecture.

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Machine Learning

Empowering business processes and decisions with Machine Learning and Optimization.

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