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Decide4AI implements, maintains and supports three different planning and optimisation options to plan and optimise your field service operations. Let us advise you what option best fits your operations.

Delmia Quintiq

Delmia Quintiq is a market leading technology for full scale workforce and field service planning & optimisation. M...
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More Optimal

More Optimal is one of the most advanced planning and optimisation software solutions for smaller and mid sized companie...
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We at Decide4AI are mathematical optimisation experts. If you would like to add an optimiser to an existing system such ...
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Our Solutions

Smart Demand Forecasting

Generate highly accurate demand forecasts. The predictive algorithms use your historical data, client data and other dat...
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Capacity Planning, What-If Scenario’s

Inputs for capacity planning are the demand forecast, constraints, restrictions, business rules and workforce supply. Ba...
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Shift Creation & Assignment

Create an optimal shift schedule that efficiently covers the forecasted labour need and maximises fulfilment of service ...
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Scheduling & Dispatching

Schedule each individual employee and dispatch tasks in the most optimal way taking all constraints and cost factors int...
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Day of Operations

Minimise the impact of disturbances. No day is the same, unexpected events will disrupt your schedule. Small disturbance...
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