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The story of Decide4AI starts in the nineties, in those years the four founders of Decide4AI were already working in the field of AI with a company called Ilog. Later IBM bought Ilog and their technology became part of what is now IBM Watson.

The core capability of the founders was applying mathematical optimisation to improve supply chain performance and implementing rule-based systems to streamline and improve decision making processes. In the 2000’s, after many successful projects, they decided to start a consultancy company with one simple goal; to focus 100% on the implementation of supply chain planning and decision management. As IBM partner and with the support of IBM, Decide4AI was born.








From that moment onwards Decide4AI has grown and today Decide4AI is a leading AI consultancy and implementation company in Spain and growing internationally in the Netherlands and South America. Technologies change and Decide4AI has adopted the latest and most powerful technologies to cater for the needs of its customers.

But the focus has never changed, still today we focus on boosting supply chain performance of our customers by optimising logistics, production and workforces and we implement rule-based decision management solutions to make companies agile and customer centered.

IBM is still an important partner but Decide4AI carefully broadened the portfolio of technologies with leading supply chain optimisation and workforce planning technologies. Our team of specialists has grown from the original four founders to about 60 highly specialised consultants with different nationalities. We have offices in Spain (headquarters) and the Netherlands. Decide4AI believes in a transparent and open relationship with its customers. Core values of Decide4AI are; sharing knowledge, keeping costs low by executing projects efficiently and not only delivering a system but also ensuring that the benefits are realized.

Know Our Team

Arjen Heeres

Chief Executive

Manuel del Barrio

Head of Business

Eugenio Martín

Head of Digital Decisioning

Alberto del Barrio


Javier Lafuente


Miguel Ángel Bógalo

Head of Service

Ruth Fernández

Head of Marketing

Daniel Herrero

Head of Analytical Intelligence

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